Back-to-Base Empowerment: Grateful To All, by Adeyemi Olalemi

I wish I could go tell it on Mount Everest how happy I am, working with an extraordinary team that make up CAN, the exceptional commitment & passion shown by all CAN members far and near towards the success of Back to Base empowerment. My profound appreciation goes to you all.
On 30th October, 2013, we made history, we accomplished the mission of impacting, changing and giving hundreds of students of our alma mater a new hope for the future, we’ve re-written their story positively, we’ve taught them that there is only one direction & is FORWARD and just one cause and that is Academic Success.
With almost 200 students awarded by CAN for their hard work in achieving success in their last promotional exams, we have set the pace in encouraging others to achieve success
To about 25 CAN delegates who were present for the programme, thank you so much & to those who showed up as a result of info on social media, especially the 2006 set, thank you very much.
This is just a tip of the iceberg for what we should expect for our biggest reunion in December 26th, tagged  #Limitless2013.
This is just the beginning, thank you representatives of 06, 07, 08, 09 and 2010, I’ll forever be grateful for your support financially and intellectually.
I love you all
Adeyemi Olalemi is the president of Change Ambassadors Network.

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