Press Release: CAN Names 20 Hall Of Fame Heroes To Appreciate Commitment

Press Release
Change Ambassadors Network (CAN), a network of Old students of Comprehensive High School Alapere on the 26th December 2015 inducted 20 of its outstanding members into the CAN Hall Of Fame (CHOF).
The induction took place during the 2015 edition of OLD CHSA reunion tagged Redefinition 2015 held at the Micmary Hall, Alapere.
This is in recognition of their commitment towards the growth and unity of CHSA old students and support for positive change in our former school and the society.
Here is a list of CAN Hall of Fame Heroes

  1. Adeyemi Olalemi
  2. Ruth Ogboji
  3. Taiwo Alao
  4. Jeffery Onah
  5. Johnson Onabajo
  6. Yetunde Musari
  7. Paul Isodhe
  8. Adeola Ajibola
  9. Ben Emmanuel
  10. Tinuola Popoola
  11. Emmanuel Ojajuni
  12. Mrs. Seun (Nee Dada)
  13. Kelvin Davies
  14. Tola Adebayo
  15. Yusuf Ibrahim
  16. Nicholas Igaramah
  17. Eke Martins
  18. Selimat Hammed
  19. Imokuede Ogedengbe
  20. Ayodele Ogunbowole
    In CAN our Hall of fame heroes shall therefore be officially be addressed as Ambassador + their first name.
    We congratulate them for the greatest honour in the Change Ambassadors Network, while we also wish them all the very best in all their endeavours.

Adeyemi Olalemi
Presdient, Change Ambassadors Network

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