Limitless 2013: Together We Made History

Limitless 2013 reunion held on the December 26th, 2013 will go down in history as the day Old students of CHSA began the journey towards greatness and making a difference, it was the biggest reunion we ever had and as some had told me, that it was the most organized, many still marvel at what they saw but like we promised, “expect the unexpected” expect the very best.

We fulfilled all promise we made on social media about Limitless2013 because you all are very special to us. 
Our publicity wasn’t based on falsehood but truth and good intentions. All speakers we promised, all guest we promised, the food, the red carpet like some said was world-class. All the promises came to reality. All glory be to the Almighty God,

With about 300 old students in attendance, we finally staged an historic event.
Many thanks to a lot of people for their commitment, energy, time, money; Tinuola, Taiwo Alao, Emmanuel Ojajuni, Wasiu Olamide, Dolapo, All the DJs, Seun Dada, Nicholas, MC Dee Azeez Korede, Onah Jeffery, Yusuf Ibrahim, Alex, the Marayesas, Amusiru Wale, Tony, Bunmi Catherine Effiong, Taiwo Adelugba, Ruth, Eke Martins (The impromptu Protocol Mg) Nkem, Gift Orouka, Tola, Celimart, Yetunde, Paul and many others. I apologies if I did not mention your name. 

We are extraordinary team that achieved extraordinary success, Limitless2013 will not have been what it was without you guys. 

For Old Students of CHSA, we wished we could treat you even better and with God we’ll continue to do it better.In CAN, there is only one room that is never shut and that is the room for improvement. 

Together, we made it. Together, we achieved it, together we are going to the top. Thank you all.Love u much

Adeyemi Olalemi – CAN President

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