Farewell Speech Delivered by Adeyemi Olalemi, President of CAN at 2019 Reunion/Handing-over Ceremony

Text of Farewell speech delivered by Adeyemi Olalemi, President of Change Ambassadors Network – CAN at the handing over ceremony – December 26th 2019
Distinguished Old School Teachers
Distinguished Guest Speakers
Hardworking Members of the Executive Council
Excellent members of CAN
Distinguished ladies and Gentlemen

It’s with great honour that I stand before you today to address you on how far we have come from the very day many of us set our foot in Comprehensive High School Alapere in pursuit of our dreams.
This moment is special because it is my last address to CAN members after being saddled with the responsibility of leading this organization from ground zero to the enviable position it is today.
Our vision in CAN is simply to unite Alumni of CHSA irrespective of their set, class, tribe or ability and empower them to impact the society positively.
In the last six years, we have pursued this vision with extraordinary passion and dedication. Today, it is a statement of fact that CAN has been uniting Alumni from 1984 till date and has galvanized them to make greater impact by giving back to the school and students.
Our maiden program in October 2013 was Back to Base Empowerment in the school where Best Students were presented with Awards and prizes were given to students with good academic rating. The empowerment continues annually till date encouraging students to pursue academic excellence. Academic Performance chart of the school rose from 58.5% in 2014 to 88.5% in 2017; a testament to the impact of our empowerment initiative.
In January 2018, CAN empowered over 1,000 students of Comprehensive Senior High School Alapere, and Community Senior High School, Alapere on Google Digitial Skills.
In the last two years, CAN has donated 50 Uniforms and 5 pairs of 3- Seater Desk and Chairs to CHSA students who lack good uniforms and furniture respectively. The Uniforms, Desks and Chairs were funded by MercyGiving Charity (Formerly Inspire A Change).
Donation of laptops, printers, Interactive notice boards, Jamb sponsorship for students are some of the interventions we have done in Comprehensive High School, Alapere.
While CAN is very committed to students’ empowerment, we also ensure improve Human Capacity Development of our Alumni to drive great change. Vocational Training on Ankara bag Making, Shoemaking, Beadmaking, Facebook Boost Your Business Training are some of the capacity building programs we have executed for Alumni Members.
Our reunion event which holds biennially since 2013, has continually grew to be the biggest and most organized CHSA alumni reunions as we are currently witnessing in this hall, this moment.
CAN in the last six years has shown incredible to commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and every initiative that will improve the lives of Alumni members and students. On December 6, 2019, we organized a Novelty Football Match between Alumni and Students to Campaign against Cultism and Social Vices among students and encourage safe, nonviolent and conducive environment for learning in line with SDGs.
The Future of CAN
The future of good works rest in the hands of good people. The future of CAN solely rest in the hands of every Alumnus who is passionate about touching the lives of others positively.
Some have questioned our very existence as CAN, they wondered why the name CAN, it didn’t occurred to them that they noticed us (CAN) because we chose not to join the bandwagon of reunion party organizers group but we bear a unique name and does things differently.
For the new leadership, I wish them all the very best in this thankless job. My advice to them is captured in the words of ― Søren Kierkegaard which state that “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
I hope the new leadership will take time to understand what we did in the last six years; how we did them; and why we did them differently.
My special gratitude goes to members of the executive council who stood by me to ensure we achieve remarkable success, my loving family members who volunteered our Alapere home to host countless number of CAN meetings, my VP, Ruth Ogboji-Onah, and my very good friend and brother – Jeffrey Onah, who is undoubtedly the biggest mobiliser in this organisation.
Special thanks to every Alumnus home and abroad, our partners and donors for their remarkable support, and also the dissents among us whose criticism propelled us to achieve greater success to the admiration of everyone.
My greatest joy is seeing a Change Ambassadors Network (CAN) where ideas continue to rule and doesn’t deviate from its core values of empowerment, unity and progress.
Thank you for the privilege to serve.
I look forward to a greater CAN
Long Live Comprehensive High School Alapere
Long Live CHSA Alumni
Long Live Change Ambassadors Network
Long Live Nigeria.

Adeyemi Olalemi
Change Ambassadors Network- CAN
(December 26th 2013 – December 26th 2019)

Adeyemi Olalemi
Change Ambassadors Network- CAN
(December 26th 2013 – December 26th 2019)

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